“Uh-huh, Uh-huh, Yo, Yo…”

Not so awesome

Do you ever put things in a “special place” and then it’s so special you end up hiding those things from yourself? I’m pretty sure I’ve had this conversation with many of my sisters or friends.

I had a brilliant idea for Valentine’s. Brilliant because it was cute and (more important) it was easy. I went to the store early this week, so proud for not procrastinating. I put it in a special place so Chunk #1 wouldn’t try to cut it up without me, and now it is NOT in that special place. I know the Chunks didn’t move it. I think I moved it to a second location thinking it would be safer. It IS safe and it won’t be found for a long time. I even called   El Jefe at work which I found out only shakes him up when the message sent to his classroom reads “Call your wife as soon as possible.” He’s wondering where the fire is and I’m only wondering where he put my Valentine crafts, assuming he did it. Which, turns out, he didn’t. Which stinks. I’d rather blame him than myself.

This was the idea:


I’m sorry did I say it was MY idea? I got it from Family Fun Magazine. Perhaps you’ll see one in the mail NEXT year. I even found the perfect suckers for it. Heart Shaped Jolly Rancher Suckers. It doesn’t get better than a Jolly Rancher. Ugh.

The day was not a bust, however. We had our Red and Pink dinner:red-dinner.jpg

If you’re wondering what that stuff is in the lower left hand side, it is cauliflower dyed in beet juice. Not bad. Not GOOD, but not bad.

Then the Valentine Lady came:


The Chunks didn’t even try to chase after her. Which pleased her so she could hide around the corner and hear their reactions.


Really, this is all they cared about 🙂

Afterwards we went and played Volleyball with some couples in the ward. It was a good day, in spite of the Mystery Valentine Craft Disappearance.


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