“Uh-huh, Uh-huh, Yo, Yo…”

Bounce U-where you can be schooled in the art of bounce.

Chunk #1 and Chunk #2 were invited to a birthday party a couple of weeks ago. It was held at Bounce U, what a great name. They loved it. I loved it. It was great. Here are some photos.

Chunk #1 was excited to present his gift.


The place took some getting used to at first.

Chunk #1 needed a moment of contemplation:


Chunk #2 needed to stretch:


And then they jumped right in:





This was their favorite slide:



tiny munchkin:



And of course I jumped in. I love the following shot. Nikki was charging through those tubes and I caught her with the slow flash. She has three arms.


Sliding down with “Ki-ki”

kristen1.jpg kristen2.jpg kristen3.jpg

Happy Birthday!


It was a good day.


PS – I must comment on the quality of my photos on this day. I didn’t want to use a flash in that facility because the natural light was so great. But I forgot to change my ISO, you know, the ISO… what we normally refer to as film speed, but it’s not film. I could have amped up the speed a little bit. So if you’re wondering why some of these shots are crappy, that’s the first reason. The second reason is that our digital camera allows you to change the center of focus. However, I shoot pictures with my left eye (which I didn’t know was odd until I joined El Jefe’s family. I should be dominant with my right eye if I’m right handed but I am left eye dominant…ah the things you learn from optometrists…but I digress). Anywho, before you wonder where I’m going with this (too late!), since I shoot with my left eye, my right cheek bumps the center of focus button and I didn’t realize that until after that day. So all those shots are not focused in the center of the shot. If you look closely they are in focus off to the left side of the frame. I love this camera, but I’m still learning all the techno details.

Why do I mention this? The funny thing is that as I was taking pictures people kept commenting on my camera and how IT must take great pictures.

bloggity blog blog blog


One response

  1. Wendy

    Cute kids, even if the ISO was incorrect.

    I get the same comments about our camera–“Wow, that’s a NICE camera!” Then I laugh kind of nervously, “Heh, heh. Yeah, I guess so. I just need to figure out how to use it.” You know WAY more than me, L–and I’ve been trying to figure out for about five minutes which of my eyes is dominant . . .

    March 10, 2008 at 6:06 pm

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