“Uh-huh, Uh-huh, Yo, Yo…”

Busy, busy, busy

It’s been a “good busy” not a “bad busy”. Two weeks ago El Jefe’s padres came into town for a convention. They come every six months. We love it when they come. The Chunks love it too. We get spoiled. We love the one-on-one attention. Sometimes I get all worried about putting on the “fake house” but I’ve decided I can’t put on the “fake house” until the real house gets finished (by “fake house” I mean a neat and orderly house when people come over). So they got to see the house in all its construction glory, and really, we all know that my forte is NOT organization. So, for now, I’ll just blame it on the unfinishedness of the house and then later I can pretend that I’m organized. I don’t think my dear in-laws care but it’s still one of those things that lingers over one’s head when one is having people over.

Also, when my mom-in-law comes I like to tag along for some quilt shopping. I’m trying to learn to quilt. Yes, me. I’m trying to learn to quilt. It all started with a butterfly quilt for Chunk #2 when I was expecting her. It is 9/10 of the way done (she’s 2 1/2). When I showed El Jefe my idea for a quilt for Chunk #1 he said “Great, you’ll have it done just in time for his graduation.” Ha ha. When the Bonus Room is finished it will be my quilting room…since it is the everything room.

So, we spent a week with my fabulous in-laws and then I had cut their visit with the Chunks short and take them down to California. Just as a side-note, once I get the car packed up and ready to go, I LOVE road trips. I can even say I love them with my 4 year old and 2 year old. Anywho, we went to Cali to watch my four nephews while my sister and her hubby went to Cancun. We had a great time. I don’t know if I’m allowed to exploit my sister’s children on my blog so I’ll just say “fun was had by all.” I will also say that I am constantly impressed by my nieces and nephews and this visit with these nephews was no exception. Uh, one exploitation: Little Dude (that’s one of the names I had for the youngest) is not so little. He’s about 17 months and as big as my Chunk #2. It made me laugh because they were the same size but his motor skills are obviously at his age level and so anytime he would get near Chunk #2 I’d hear “He’s getting me! He’s getting me!” He’s just as strong as her (maybe even stronger) and he really liked her pretty blonde hair. Nuff said. We did not want to leave when it was time to go. We spent one more day so we could go to the beach, look at some tide pools, and play with the cousins, but then it was time to leave. And of course we hit Ikea on the way out.

While I was gone El Jefe and Hector took out the West sliding glass door and put in a half wall and a window. I LOVE it. There were too many sliding glass windows in this house. We are down to one now and that one will soon become a door and a window. Yesterday we replaced two more windows: the master bath and chunk #2’s future room. We made that window much bigger and I LOVE it.

I have no pictures but here’s a list of what I loved about California:

1. My sister lives in the best place. She’s nestled in the mountains and is still 20 minutes from the beach.

2. I love the smell. It seems like anything can grow there.

3. I loved the scenery of Carpinteria beach. It was a ways from my sis’s house but worth it. Although I have a long story about why it is not worth it taking a 4 year old, a 2 year old, and a 1 year old to the beach without the assistance of another adult. Just so you have an idea of what mood it put me in at the end of that day trip, when Chunk #2 said “I want McDonald’s,” I roared “You get NOTHING!” …and that was that.

4. Obviously I loved the company. Yes even of my own kids in spite of what you just read in #3.

5. I loved driving down the PCH and seeing the ocean.

6. I loved that when the temperature was 95 degrees, we could drive to the beach and it was 75 degrees.

7. I loved the tide pools and seeing all the Sea Stars (or Star Fish).

8. I loved playing with the Geo Tracks and I think I want some of my own. I’ll even share with the Chunks.

9. I loved having dinner with my nephews cause I felt like even though I was feeling the pressure of mothering six kids we could still have a good time and joke around while we ate.

10. I loved the night time when the air was cool and I could open the windows and smell the breeze.

I know there was more that I loved but it’s late and this entry is waaaaaaaaay to wordy anyway. In fact it is approximately 887 words long. Whoa! What an essay.

Yawn. Goodnight.


One response

  1. Lisa

    La, just reading your entries makes me miss you. I wish we could hang out. I can totally imagine how it sounded when you said, “You get NOTHING!”.

    May 22, 2008 at 11:46 pm

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