“Uh-huh, Uh-huh, Yo, Yo…”

A day in the life…

At church, I am the Primary Prez. For anyone who needs any clarification on what that is, it means I’m in charge of kids and their Sunday school classes from ages 3 to 12 years old. I’m also over the Nursery that entertains 18-month-old toddlers up to 3-year-olds. My Sundays are crazy. But it’s all for a good reason.

This is how my day went today.

It started out with a little extra stress as I was putting the finishing touches on Sharing Time. My last two weren’t great and so I was really trying to focus on having a good one. El Jefe was kind enough to get the kids ready. At about 10:00 am I get a call. It was a sub for a teacher who recently had a baby. We are so glad to have her covering for us. Actually it was the sub’s mom. “Daughter isn’t feeling well. So she has to leave you high and dry. Sorry.” This kind of call comes all the time. Life happens. It’s all good. But as I’m preparing my lesson I just can’t be left high and dry.

“Has she tried calling anyone?” She must be feeling rotten if mom’s calling.

“I don’t know who to call and I’d do it myself, but I’m teaching a class.”

“Have her call Sister ‘Life saver’ she’ll do it.”

“Ok, I’ll call.”

“Thanks.” I hope she feels better.

I finish up my lesson.

I finish up a few other pressing matters. Already I’m feeling crazy.

It is 5 minutes till church starts. Ugh. El Jefe gathers the kids and takes off, and I run to the shower.

Obviously, I’m late.

I get ready in just under 15 minutes. Good for me.

I grab my multiple bags (It was going to be a day of reenacting scripture stories; I had lots of props).

I sneak in for the last 25 minutes of Sacrament meeting. I love return missionary talks. Especially when it’s a girl. Pardon the bias, I like the perspective.

Time for primary. My 2nd Counselor grabs me before I head down the aisle. “My girls are sick and husband has to teach.” I look down at sweet little Mae who not only looks sick but has a big ol’ tear drop just below her big brown eyes. Of course. Go home, take care of your babies. She is kind enough to come down and help us get settled. Good thing she did, there were more surprises.

I walk by the Nursery. No teachers yet. Hmmmm.

I reach the Primary room.

Music leader: “Mya just threw up, I have to go home.”

Poor Mya, but, in my head I’m thinking: “Oh crap, what else?”

Music Leader: “I’ll get Sister Lifesaver to cover.” (See why I call her Sister Lifesaver?)

Me: “Sister Lifesaver is covering that class.” I point.

Who will take Music Leader’s place?

Pianist steps up with her shiny white teeth (bling!). Yay, thank you Pianist.

Pianist: “I’ll ask my grandma to play the piano.” OK. Sweet. We love Grandma.

One switcheroo down. Go Music Leader, take care of your sweet babies.

2nd Counselor checks Nursery. Only Brother So-n-So is there. Sister So-n-So is sick. Due to procedural rules, 1 man cannot be alone with the kids. 2nd Counselor/Awesome Chick, runs to Brother “Happy Helper” to help Brother So-n-So. Brother “Happy Helper” does just was his nickname describes. Thank you.

1st Counselor is sane, totally sane, and is happily gathering kids and getting ready to conduct opening exercises. Secretary also. I love them.

Another snag comes to my attention. Our other husband/wife duo is only half here. So, we must find another Brother “Happy Helper” to assist Brother “Duo” or find a Sister “Lifesaver #2” and let him go to class with the grown ups. I don’t like doing the latter since he has planned a lesson and everything.

2nd Counselor /Awesome Chick is kind enough to break the news to him because the prez hates breaking bad news. He understands, and who knows, he probably liked the break. Before that though, we wait in the hall to pounce Bishop’s wife as we see her approaching. We butter her up, tell her how beautiful and incredibly talented she is and then she agrees to cover the class. OK, we don’t go that far but, you get the picture. We are desperate.

2nd Counselor has done more than enough. She heads home.

Anything else? I think we’re good.

Pianist consults me on what to do in singing time but quickly figures it out. She is awesome and creative.

Opening Exercises proceed as usual. We have birthdays, we have visitors. Children give talks and testimony.

I cut out my last props and get the journal signed for our newest 8-year old. 1st Counselor/Sister Sanity helps me.

I give my sharing time. It’s fun. The kids learn something. They remember to do what’s right. They remember….right?

I sit down and breathe. I do it one more time. Church is over.

I let out one huge sigh.

I spent all of last night and this morning stressing out about my lesson. It went FINE. The kids enjoyed it and cooperated as well as can be expected.

Instead, a bunch of other things popped up. You never know what you’re gonna get in Primary. You really don’t.

This is also why I can’t sit still in church anymore.


2 responses

  1. earwaxtasteslikecrayons

    I read this and had to laugh. Typical of Primaries (probably) the world over.

    You are awesome, Miz Prez. I’m SO glad I don’t have your job. (Which reminds me, I need to get a substitute for next week.)

    Reading this makes me wonder why we call it a day of rest. Sometimes, surviving church is more work than all the other days put together.


    P.S. Congrats on your cabinets!

    February 9, 2009 at 7:38 am

  2. Hey, thanks for the linkage. You take some amazing pictures and I love the book reviews. Shoot me an email. I think my family (meaning parents) knows yours.

    February 9, 2009 at 1:56 pm

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