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Oh, Pioneers!


Today is July 24th

and  it struck me that I should write something in honor of my pioneer ancestors.  The first one to come to mind was John Rowe Moyle.  I think he is my Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandpa, but the number of “greats” gets lost on me.

I love his story.  I love visiting the Salt Lake City Temple and knowing that his talented hands help carve out some of the intricate details of that building.  I love looking at the granite plaque “Holiness to the Lord, House of the Lord” because not only did he personally carve it out, but…well he was one-legged at the time.

Now rather than re-invent the wheel I’m just going to throw you a link to another blog that summarizes his story because a) this blogger does such a great job writing it and b) Chunk #1 just came in to tell me that he needs me.  Oh, and c) I liked the comments at the end of his entry, as well.

So here you go.  Read about John Rowe Moyle.  It is an honor to know that a tiny bit of his blood flows through my veins. Frankly, I need to be more like him: Faithful, Dedicated, Hardworking … you know, like a pioneer.