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Some more important correspondence.

Dear La,
You haven’t talked about me for some time now. I feel neglected. What gives?
Yours Truly,
Larry Bird Bucket List

My Dear Larry Bird Bucket List (can I call you LBBL?),
Don’t you fret my love, I really have been thinking about you. In fact, let me tell you all about it.
This summer I accomplished #14 on the list. See?

See?  There's me!

That's me!

Hmm, perhaps you don’t believe me because it’s taken from such a great distance. Here I’ll show you. Here I am before:

It was cold.

It was cold.

And here I am after:


Yep. That would be me.

And here’s another shot of me.  Watch the Pro at work:

Oh wait, that's not me.  Heh heh.

Oh wait, that's not me. Heh heh.

The other thing I worked on this summer was #28.  Unfortunately, this was not done with my husband as specifically stated in our contract.  I hiked the mountain with Scott, Phoenix, and Travis.  I also did NOT make it to the top.  Huge bummer but I have my reasons. I need to DEVELOP the pictures.  You know, film, dark rooms, chemicals….so you’ll have to wait to see those.

Oh, and HELLO! #18?  Have I not mentioned that enough?  Well OK then.

Do you see my dear LBBL, you have been on mind all along.  I just needed to give more proof.  There is more to come.

Always and forever, Baby!