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Beauty and the Beast

My children are two completely different entities when they are sick.

The first one just goes along and deals with the discomfort, hardly saying a word.  You have to ask this child “Are you ok?”  “What can I do for you?” and this child ends up reassuring us: “Don’t worry, I’m ok.”  This child just looks pitiful but is very, very sweet.

The other child is very vocal in communicating what is causing discomfort.  We know something is wrong from the get go.  When you ask this child “Are you ok?”  We get a “No!”  When we ask “What can I do for you?”  this child just cries, “I don’t KNOW what I want!” This child also looks pitiful, but quite frankly, is not very sweet.

The first child, Beauty, had some kind of flu on Tuesday and Wednesday.  This child diligently took the nasty tasting (yet very helpful) herbs that I offered every couple of hours.  The fever was gone within a day and recovered very well.

The second child, Beast, caught the flu on Thursday.  This child was a master at avoiding the nasty tasting (but again, very helpful) herbs that we offered more earnestly.   The fever stayed for a day and a half.  Last night I ran for the Motrin because the fever was spiking at 105.  It was berry flavored.  This child still wouldn’t take it.  I forced it to the mouth thinking once the taste gets to the tongue it will be swallowed.  No dice!  The Beast got even more angry and started gagging and barfing it up (good thing I got the “no dye” kind cause it was allllllll over both of us).  I gave a choice, take the herbs or the motrin, but take something!  After begging, pleading, threatening, and then throwing in a trip to Legoland (which was already planned, heh heh), this child then took some herbs.

It was a long night.  A looooooong night.

This morning this child slept until 11:00.  I heard footsteps coming down the hall and, at just a glance, I could see that the Beast was gone.

“How do you feel?” I asked.

“GREAT!”  Not just good, great.

I’m so glad that’s over.  Oh, in case you sense some sort of favoritism, the other child, that is so sweet when sick?  We know that child is doing better when the teasing begins.

So, for those of you who know my Chunks, riddle me this:  Which one is the Beauty, and which one is the Beast? (only when sick of course..otherwise they’re both just plain awesome)

DSC04244 DSC04221

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