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Tale as old as time….

Soooooooooo, 99% of you guessed right.

Meet the “Beauty”:



Meet the “Beast”

N10_6400 I don’t have photographic proof of her beastliness, you’ll just have to imagine it.

Don’t be deceived by that angelic look.

Ok, be deceived by it. She IS an angel. It’s just when she’s sick she’s well, um, there’s just no other way to say it….she’s beastly. But I’ll give one admission… that apple doesn’t fall far from this tree.  Payback, I suppose.  In any case,  I’m just glad she’s back to her old self.



The love list


Mesa Verde, CO. This looks like a postcard doesn't it?

Have you ever made a Love List? When I was in college I remember making a one and hanging it on our apartment wall. It was an open invitation for anyone to write what they loved. I enjoyed this list. People would write things like “snow” or “the smell of old books” or “grass” or “kisses” from certain boys names (not revealed here). I wonder if I was the only one who really looked it over on a regular basis, I don’t know, but I felt like anyone who wrote on it silently bonded with the rest of us. We also had a “hate list” but it consisted of things like certain school subjects or professors, but especially references to boys and their behavior, dating habits or whatever (some boys might have been regulars on that list). I don’t need a hate list. But I miss the love list.

Can you guess what’s coming?  Yes, I started a new one. Call it corny, call it awesome. It’s to help me remember all the good things in this life, and I want YOU to add to it. Look at it then contribute your own. Just hit the comment link and write as much as you want. I’ll type it onto the list. Even if you don’t write very often, or have never written.   Do it! You know you want to. It’s like you’re in my college apartment and we’re gathered around the kitchen table, bonding over some hot chocolate while the Smashing Pumpkins are playing in the background… ok maybe not…

What will I put on the list?   Today I visited my sister, Mariam, in the hospital. She had a baby boy. We walked into the room and there he was wrapped up in his blanket, so sweet, so snuggly. I love holding sleeping babies all wrapped up in their blankets. Having one in your arms takes away any worldly care that’s hanging on the brain. Unfortunately I didn’t hold him (with my kids being sick and myself feeling kinda funky…and not dance funky) I quarantined myself in the corner of the room. I looked on like a wallflower and leaned in slightly when Mariam showed us his looong toes. He’s adorable. So , there’s something for my  love list…..