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Did I mention it before?  For just a few hours a week I get to work in the coolest health store in Las Vegas:  Herbally Grounded.

They’ve made some changes:


Just look at all those beautiful tins.  Pick an herb, any herb, most likely it’s here.

Love List Lunes (Loo-nes) #1

Si, hoy es LUNES.

Starting a new feature here at RAD – “Love List Lunes.”  Every Monday/Lunes I will add to my Love List.


I feel sleep deprived so today I will have to say,
I love SLEEP!


What’s on your Love List?

A change of attitude.

Yes, I’ve had a change of attitude.

For the past year or so there is one thing I don’t like to write about on this here blog, and it is the one thing that takes up my time, my energy, my heart, my soul. I have privately accused it of sucking my will to live. I have openly blamed it on my grumpiness. I have let it take away the best of me, ruin my day, week, month, and I have let it make me feel out of control. I didn’t realize my innate desire to feel in control….not that I’m a control freak…I don’ t think I am anyway.

What is this nemesis of which I speak? Home Renovation. Yes, dear friends, home renovation. I have mentioned before having romantic ideas of changing a home and making it my own.   The romance is over.  (And let’s be real here people, if I could really, and I mean really, change a home into what I want, then there would ultimately be a slide running from my attic, that would also be a playroom, right into my backyard pool)  Ok, so, this is my publicized note to self:notetoself

So, my first step in changing my attitude is to share more pieces of this journey. I loved this house at first, but now, years later I suppose I don’t like to share it because I just want to show the finished product.

Here’s a piece of our journey and this is where my bad attitude really began:

Approximately one year ago, El Jefe and I awoke to the sound of our doorbell. It was 6:00 am on a Sunday.  It was also the day of Stake Conference….you know, a day to sleep in just a little.  Anywhoo, at our door stood our neighbor, good ol’ LeVern, informing us that another neighbor had run into our front wall. I’m sorry, What? I imagined he was talking about our brand new wall but wasn’t awake enough to fully comprehend, or react. So, I followed the fellow out to our front yard where I found this:


Oh dear.  Speechless, was I.  That, and in such unbelief I recall laughing.  But if you know me, that probably doesn’t surprise you.  The driver had crashed into the wall and his front wheels were even up on the property.  You can see the tire tracks in the dirt here:
LeVern then said the guilty party had backed out, and parked in his own driveway.  Right across the street. By the time we came out we saw him standing there, inspecting his car.  Then we watched him pull out and just drive down the street….on two flat tires.  I’m preeeeeeetty sure he was drunk.

So, drunk boy is driving away from us and we know the license plate, the color of his car, and the make and model.  Oh, and he left a souvenir:

N10_6930One might say he wasn’t on top of his game.  I felt for him, I really did.

My feelings for him didn’t go too far.  I was incredibly annoyed because it was bad enough that our house looked unfinished but then we had this wreckage to add to it.  Here is what our poor neighbors had to look at (this is what embarrasses me):


I’m so glad it doesn’t look like this anymore….so glad.

Here are some other photographic highlights:



We like LeVern.  He has passed on quite a few outdoor toys for our kids.  Unfortunately The Chunks think he’s a little bit like Santa Claus and are of the opinion that we should just waltz on over anytime and make requests. “Hey mom, let’s go over there and get a new toy!”  Right.


Diet Rite, neat-o.  I think we found a couple of old bottles in our other wall….the one we took down…on purpose.


Aaah the beautiful sunrise….


Hanging brick.

With every trial one must find the blessing.  After a long and arduous ordeal with the insurance company (I still have some pent up anger with that, BUH!) we were able to rebuild the wall, get a new fence, and even had stairs put in.  Stairs!  When we first moved in, I wanted some there but it was the last thing on the list.  I think this was the only way we would actually put some in.

So today, as I went to stake conference, I was grateful that our house has made so much progress.  I  was grateful that nobody ran into our property.  I was grateful that we got to sleep in a little.

I’ve even named our house.  She is now called the Blue Bungalow.

Oh, and before I go.  As part of my attitude adjustment I have added a blog button. It says “My Home is Hip.”  This will be my new mantra.  This button will also take you to a lovely blog where women show their own home renovations and projects.  I am not alone in this universe. Now sing: “I’m noooooooot alone.  Say it one one more time I’m not alone.”