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Love List Lunes (Loo-nes) #6

(Si, hoy es lunes)

Christmas is coming….

photo by El Jefe

It may be a crazy time of year, but, oh, how I LOVE the Christmas Season.

What’s on your love list today?


Phamily Photo Phrenzy

The following picture represents how we all felt last night after our attempt at taking a Christmas Picture:

photo by El Jefe

That’s right,  I am diligently working to fulfill #21 on my Larry Bird Bucket List (click it for an explanation).  But by the way my children were acting, you’d think they’d never had their picture taken before.

We promised them In’n’Out as a reward for their cooperation.  We gave them three chances.  I don’t think one picture turned out.  When the jig was up, Chunk #1 asked why they couldn’t ever have four chances.  I told him we do it like in baseball “three strikes, you’re out.”  His response was, “Well that’s why I hate baseball.” I never knew.


photo by El Jefe

Look me in the eye when you answer this question: How are your Christmas Cards coming?

Feeling good.

“We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.” ~Thornton Wilder

Photo by La

Photo by La

We went “non-traditional” this weekend….

So, my family actually celebrated our Thanksgiving about 3 weeks ago.  What’s a family to do when they’ve already gone through the blood, sweat and tears of a Turkey dinner?

Why, go to a casino buffet of course!

Strange, you say? Totally not classy, you murmur?  IMPERSONAL,  you scream at me (thus the capital letters)?

Heck no, I respond. Heck. No.

photo by El Jefe

Happy Thanksgiving!!

How was your turkey meal today?

Love List Lunes (loo-nes) #5

(Even though it’s Martes)

"Standing still in the Yellowstone Lodge." Photo by El Jefe.

In this chaotic world, I love the constance my family gives me.  I love the direction they provide.  I love how they keep me grounded.

What’s on your Love List today?

I am a daydreamer.

from ModernPop on etsy.com

from ModernPop on etsy.com


This is what I’m dreaming about today — I would like to get a motorhome.  I would like to pack up my family of four in said motorhome.  I would pack all of El Jefe’s cameras.  I would bring a bunch of writing notebooks.  Then, I would like to explore all around the United States for a year…or two.

Wanna come?

What are you dreaming about today?


The house is quiet. El Jefe took the kids to Costco so I could start on the whole wheat rolls that I’m supposed to make for the Thanksgiving dinner that our Young Men give to the widows in our church.  Yes, that’s right. Me + rolls + early thanksgiving dinners. How many more can we fit in here people?

Instead, I started looking through photos.

There is a fabulous, well-lit wall down at the strip.  It is perfect for that disco silhouette shot.   Please enjoy.

Photo by El Jefe