“Uh-huh, Uh-huh, Yo, Yo…”

Love List Lunes (loo-nes) #4

Si, hoy es lunes.

As I sit in my family room, decompressing from all my “day of rest” activities, I am wondering, “Why the heck am I shivering?”  The Chunks are running around the house in shorts and t-shirts and I am in long sleeves, jeans, knee-high socks, and am wrapped in a fleece blanket.  I started exploring through some photos and came across our summer shots.  I think I could use a little sunshine right now.  Each day, it is getting darker sooner, and, though I love cozying up on cold winter nights, tonight I find myself missing the sun.

Photo by El Jefe

Today’s love list item is Sunlight. Sunlight does so much for me.  It makes it so that I can walk around barefoot most of the year.  It makes the hair of Chunk #2 and her cousin Tori look cool in the above picture. It cheers me up in the mornings. It peeks into our windows and makes the rooms glow.  It gives me tan lines.   It makes me love water.  It dries my clothes whenever my dryer breaks. It gives me Vitamin D.  It would warm me up right now and stop my shivering (and just thinking about it kinda works).

What’s on your Love List today?


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