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Love List Lunes #9

Sî, hoy es lunes.

In the year 2004, El Jefe and I were looking forward to seeing the movie “Spiderman 2.” Whenever it was brought up I would hear El Jefe comment on how Michael Chabon contributed to the script, how it was supposed to be really great, and how El Jefe was looking forward to seeing it (this is significant because El Jefe is PICKY…but not in a bad way…just in El Jefe’s way). In case you need some background on Michael Chabon: He wrote The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay (which received the Pulitzer Prize in 2001) and Summerland among many other novels.  In fact, I believe I just saw El Jefe uploading The Yiddish Policeman’s Union: a Novel onto his iPod.  So, my husband really likes the works of Michael Chabon.  And I, through readings from my husband and chances of opening a book to any random page and just reading it, like him, too…and one day I will read the aforementioned novels.

Anyway with that background, I tell my story: So the two of us are sitting in the theater with great anticipation.  We have some popcorn, we have chosen center seating in the stadium theater, and just as I stretch back into my chair I hear these words come out of my husband’s mouth:

“You know, Michael Chabon wrote the screenplay for this.”

First I thought he was kidding, so I turn to look at him.  Upon seeing his face, I see that he’s not kidding but I just have to ask, “Are you serious?”

Him: “What?”

Me (cracking up):  “You have said that to every person that has mentioned this movie.  I have heard you say that, like, 20 times!”

Who knows what the truth was of how many times it was said, but I had heard it enough, and I could not believe he was telling me this…like it was brand new to me.

Needless to say, my response annoyed him.  He was being sincere in just tossing out this information and I just smacked it down.

But please do not think my husband is the victim in this story.  Oh no.  He used this situation to his advantage.  Apparently, I, too, am guilty of repeat stories.

Me looking at a Harley Davidson:  “Did you know that the sound out of a Harley is actually patented?”

El Jefe:  “Really?  Are you sure?  Did Michael Chabon tell you that?”

Me: “What?”

El Jefe:  “You tell me that every time we see a Harley.”

Right next to the Home Depot near our house is a street sign. I still don’t know the name of it because every time we pass it I say:

“Every time we pass that I think it says Bernie Mac.”

El Jefe:  “Are you sure it doesn’t say Michael Chabon?”

Oh snap!

Apparently I am more guilty of retelling stories than he is.  There are plenty more of these situations.

But a couple of months ago I got him good.  It doesn’t matter what the story was…. what matters is how awesome it was to say to him, so slyly, “Oh, did that happen with MICHAEL CHABON?!” Ha!  It is hard to catch him, but when I do,  it is DELICIOUS.

My apologies to Michael Chabon for using his name in vain so often, but he has become our code word for “Hey stupid!  I’ve heard that story, like, 20 times!”  And it works well for us.

So, what am I saying is on my love list today?  The code word my husband and I share “Michael Chabon”  that makes us both laugh real hard (and perhaps cry inside, just a little).

What’s on your love list today?  Or better yet, how do you and your better half lovingly slam each other?

ps If you haven’t read my last post, please do so and then leave me your comments. I’m really curious.  To those who responded, thank you so much.  I loved reading your thoughts.


Bliggety blog blog blogger…

photo by El Jefe

I’m always curious why people start a blog.  In fact, when I find a blog I like, I sometimes jump to their first entry to see what they’re all about.  I wanna know if they explain themselves a little or if they just jump right in.  Is it an avenue to keep in touch with family?  Is it a platform for working on writing?  Is it a way to relate to other moms?  Is it to feed a narcissistic bug?  Why do you do it?  Why do you make yourself public?

I’ve been asking myself these questions lately?  Blogs are interesting for many reasons I don’t feel like addressing here.  But, if I’m not careful they can suck my time away.

So what’s my blog all about?  This is what I ask myself and this is why I haven’t been writing lately.

To my fellow bloggers, why do you blog?  To my non-bloggers, why don’t you blog?

Status Update

We have drywall, tape, mud and texture up and ready to paint.
My house was very dusty.
We left late for Idaho–a day late.

We were warm and toasty on the drive to the cold and “freeeeeezy” North.
We saw lots of family.
We loved seeing them.
We had a Happy Christmas.
We played in the snow.
We had fun at a cabin in the woods.
We didn’t want to drive back to reality.
We did.
My house looks like it has been hit by a tornado…cliche, I know, but it really does look like it.  Really.
I love a New Year.
I want to write more on my blog but my brain is resisting.
Chunk #1 is begging for a snack
Chunk #2 is singing a song and acting it out.
El Jefe has a mountain of grading for his students.
I’m already looking forward to Spring.
Yesterday was a palindrome day and I missed it 01-02-2010.

Merry New Year one and all!!!!

Tell me, what’s your status?