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“Be still!” ~Max in “Where the Wild Things Are.”

"Be Still!"

There are some “Wild Things” in my brain today. I think I need Max to come and tell them to “Be Still!” and then they will shut up and I will crown him King of the Wild Things for quieting my brain. Is this what ADD feels like? Qué pasa conmigo? Perhaps it is because I ate that peanut butter and honey sandwich late last night. Perhaps it’s because my thoughts get interrupted, on average, every three minutes. Perhaps it is because it has rained more in the last two weeks than it did all last year. Which isn’t bad, it just throws me off a bit.

Shall I share these thoughts that are crowding my brain.  What if I just wrote them and that made them go away?  There’s a thought. And isn’t blogging about sharing?  Besides, you can stop reading if you are weary of my complaining/observing/stupiditing (yes, all 12 of you).

-I don’t like it when someone teases me and I play along and then they say “I’m just playing with you” and I want to say “I know” but it I don’t because I think they should know I was playing along.   Perhaps I am just a good  actress or does my face just scream innocence to you?   I know you’re joking.  I’m joking, too and now,  it’s not fun anymore.

-There is a fat kid at Chunk #1’s school who always likes to get in Chunk #1’s business.  Today I witnessed it first hand.   Funny how that momma bear instinct can really rage over small things.  I want to say “Hey Fatty, why do YOU care?” but I suspect that would be bad parenting.  What do you think?

-Is there such a thing as a a Superiority Complex?  I believe I have diagnosed this in someone I know.  You may say, no no La, it’s an Inferiority Complex.  To which I respond, “No,” because then, in the relationship between me and this other person, an inferiority complex would indicate I am the one with the problem.  I don’t have a problem.  I’m fine.  This person, however, is not and, for some reason, likes to always come out on top (for the lack of a better phrase…maybe I’ll rewrite that…maybe I won’t…that is the excitement of live blogging!)

-I find it interesting how my clean laundry can take up my whole family room.

-The movie “Coraline” has made me regret any time I have ever blown off my children while using the computer. (Children, please stay away from tiny doors controlled by spiders if I get caught up in some work…..please…..I’m sorry for being a grown-up.)

-Why am I always so cold lately?

-I hate the telephone.  I really do. And please don’t nag me to get a cell phone when I  already have a bad relationship with the first phone…..but I see the benefits of texting. (Side note: Please, don’t let that keep you from calling me, it’s you I like, it’s the phone I hate.)

Why did last night’s Family Home Evening go well for the first time in……for the first time (period)?

I want to be lazy today.

Hmmm.  Now that I’ve written some of these random thoughts down I think my brain has quieted, just a little.

Tell me, what crowds your brain today?  If that’s a personal question, I understand.