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Love List Lunes #12

Sí, hoy es lunes

I have two things on my love list today.

First, “SPRING BREAK!” (and please be sure to yell that out like a college frat boy)

Second, I love this sequence of pictures between my oldest brother and his youngest daughter.

Photo by La

photo by La

Photo by La

Photo by La

Photo by La

Photo by La

Photo by La

What’s on your love list today?


Ten years? TEN years?

Tonight El Jefe and I celebrated the ten year anniversary of our first date. How the heck do I remember the actual DATE of our first date you may ask? Well, as I was getting ready for the historic event, I made a mental note that it was the birthday of my niece, Lauren. And something in me said, “Hey you can always remember your first date with El Jefe because it’s Lauren’s b-day.”

So,  Happy Birthday to this girl:

photo by La

Lauren, while you were turning 14 and dancing to Justin Timberlake, El Jefe and I shared a pork burrito, enchilada style, at the new hot spot of Provo – Cafe Rio.

Can anyone imagine our joy when Cafe Rio came to Sin City?  Well only if you’re Cafe Rio fans I suppose.   Now we can eat there, every year, on this day….or any other time we feel like it.

I will admit though, we almost didn’t go tonight.  I found out that today is also National Waffle Day (so many things to celebrate on this day, the 25th).  El Jefe had the option of Pumpkin Waffles or Cafe Rio.  Although Pumpkin Waffles are my fave (and I happen to LOVE “Brinner” – yes, that’s short for Breakfast for Dinner – no I did not make it up but I wish I did), where was I?  Oh, yes, I kind of wanted Pumpkin Waffles for dinner but I was glad I did not have to cook. El Jefe chose Cafe Rio.  Yum!

Oh, and the story gets better.  As we were paying I looked at the price and said “[El Jefe], why’s it so cheap?”  He said “we got a discount.” Oh really, you just asked for a discount and “Viola!”

I was so confused.  What discount?  How’d you do that? Then El Jefe pointed out my niece’s cousin.  Now, when I say that, you say, “La, then that would be your niece, too.”  No, this cousin is on my niece’s other side of their family.  This gal could also be called my “sister’s niece”, or my “brother-in-law’s brother’s daughter.”  Confusing enough?  Oh, but let me add some more confusion to the pot.  This lovely girl, let’s call her “S”, is weirdly “related, but not related” to us in two different ways.

  • One: She is my niece’s cousin, or, my sister’s niece, or, my brother-in-law’s brother’s daughter (as I already said).
  • Two: Her sister married a boy who is the son of my father-in-law’s cousin, or, she married my husband’s second cousin.  (who we’ve actually never met…)

I love it!  It’s like we’re related but, really, we’re not.  But we are, but we’re not…..for some reason I feel like we could be characters in a Jane Austen novel but I’m not sure why…..

Alright, after all that, I’ll bring it to the point: she works there and threw us a discount.  Thank you “S”.

Some snapshots around the table:

Rather than a picture of me, I felt you should see a picture of the Cafe Rio salad with grilled steak and cilantro lime vinaigrette.  Did you read that?  CILANTRO LIME.  Like my brother would say, “Aaaaaaaaaah, delicious.”

So my dear, El Jefe, who knew ten years ago that we would be married, with a couple of chunks, and I’d be typing up blog entries in bed about how ten years ago we went on our first date while you snored away next to me in our own Blue Bungalow?  Who  knew?

Love List Lunes #11

photo by El Jefe

Have you ever had a Boylan Soda? I love them. The Black Cherry, natural kind, happens to be my fave but I like almost all the flavors (natural or not). Perhaps this is a lame love for my love list lunes but there are other reasons to like this soda.

A) It is yummy,

B) I like old fashioned soda in a glass bottle made with real sugar rather than high fructose corn syrup,

and, C) This soda is photogenic, bottle caps even, especially in the hands of a six year old…

Photo by El Jefe

Photo by El Jefe

photo by El Jefe

What’s on your love list today?

On this day….

Print by Dekanimal on etsy.com

On March 21st, 1976, my mother had nine children. Before she left to have her tenth on that Sunday evening, she made dinner. My dad took her to the Women’s Hospital, then located on East Sahara in Las Vegas. Her hospital bill was $185.00. That was without insurance.

Out of all the 10 births in our family, mine was the only one my dad attended.  Those were the days of men sitting in the waiting room, but Dr. Christofferson insisted that my father be at this one, the last one.  My mom said that Daddy looked at her differently after that experience.

Born at 8:46 pm, I was a fat one – 9 lbs 5 oz – 23 inches long – and my head was 14 and quarter inches.  (I need to compare that to my children cause I’m pretty sure their noggins were much bigger.)

My mom was grateful when we got home because I slept and slept and slept.

I love my huge family.  I’m so glad to have grown up with them … and to keep growing up with them.  Last year was a good one, and I look forward to the next.

See my sweet hubby’s birthday wishes to me….except ignore the fact that he calls me snookums….he never calls me snookums…..

Stupid but funny

If you know El Jefe and me, you know that we enjoy the “vintage”.  We like “retro”.  We are “unique buyers”.  Eh, say it how you like, we are thrift store shoppers. And, I have to say, I have some seriously awesome thrift store finds. Boots, coats, dresses, jeans, skirts…….our LIME GREEN CHAIR  that has lasted our whole marriage……I could go on but I shall spare you.

I will add, thrift store shopping takes work. There are even blogs dedicated to sharing the secrets of thrifting. Like this one .

I’ll warn you though, as you meander through the aisles you need your “crap filters” on.  There is some serious junk out there.  But then again, there is good junk and bad junk.  The good junk is the stuff that makes you go “Ber?”  Wondering, why would somebody have this in the first place? And, you really wish you knew the history of that item.  Or there is good junk that you want to have because it is so weird/funny but you can’t justify owning it other than, “Hey, this is funny!”.  That is why I bring my camera.

Let me show you some good junk.


Is that Athena’s temple? As a bird house? What bird could resist this gem? Shoot.  This would actually look good next to our lion statue.

Or there is this:

This goes under “why would anyone have this in the first place?” category (oh, and are they really charging 19.99?)


Aah, the hook rug.  Framed, even, like fine art.  Those were the days.  For two seconds I thought this would go extremely well with my living room….I liked the colors.   Don’t worry, I had my  “filter” on.  However, kudos to whoever bought this.

And then there is the “literature”:

El Jefe especially found this one amusing.

Oh, and this:

Just for the record this is the second book about, uh, Satanism we’ve found at Deseret Industries.  This goes under the “I wonder about the history of this one” category.

El Jefe looks hip in these but it goes under the “no reason to buy this” category (and yes, I make up my categories as I go):

Ok, this last one is my favorite.

“The Avenging Unicorn” is currently stabbing a mime in this box.  A MIME.  It comes “with 4 magical horns and 3 figures to impale”.  What the crap?!

(El Jefe wants you to know, if you are interested in owning your own Avenging Unicorn you can get it on Amazon.)

All these pictures make me laugh and I needed a laugh, thus my reason for sharing.  Perhaps one day I should share my serious finds that would knock your socks off.  Oh yes, knock.  your.  socks.  Right off!


Post Edit:  This one is for Amber and Ty.  I did not have “my head on straight” according to El Jefe.  This next item was not in a thrift store.  No, it was in an elite Las Vegas neighborhood, “The Scotch Eighties”, which probably means nothing to you but just know that it is Old Time Vegas special.  After leaving my friend’s house, I saw this sitting outside the trash.  I thought El Jefe would enjoy a picture.  However, upon presentation I found that not only did he enjoy it, but he wanted the item.  Apparently, so did somebody else.  Had it been there when we returned, this would have been one of your Christmas gifts.

Amber, be grateful.  Ty, I know you are digging that ‘stache.

So…that’s life…unscripted even

In my previous pregnancies I waited a long time to tell people I was pregnant.  Like, 16 weeks.  The first was because I was in denial, the second was because I thought it was a fun game.  But both had the underlying reason of “just in case we miscarry, we’ll wait to share.”  This one I waited 9 weeks.

Yesterday, when I finished my post, and just before I clicked “publish”, something in me asked, is this too soon?  Naw.

Later that afternoon, however, I found that,  for lack of a better description, something was “amiss”.  I worried, did some research, felt ok, hopeful even, and went to bed.

Around 2:00 am I had to come to terms that I would, in fact, be experiencing a miscarriage.

I guess you could call this post a “retraction”. And yes, at about 3:00 am I was kicking myself for posting the announcement.  But that IS life and it IS unscripted.  And this blog, is to share parts of my journey in motherhood.

If you’re wondering how I feel, just tired.  I will say this though, a miscarriage sucks.  (I don’t like to use the word “suck” because I feel my 15 year old self feel slightly ashamed as the voice of my father says: “We don’t talk like that.”  And I don’t.  I really don’t like that word in that context.  It bugs.  However, I find it fitting here  and I’m not saying it, I’m typing it…..and there you have it.)

Mainly, I feel sad.

Luckily I had El Jefe with me.  The kids are sick and so he is offering all sorts of support.  And as always, he finds a way to make me laugh.

Exhibit A:  When I asked how we would tell the kids about this he said:  “Maybe we should tell them that the leprachauns took the baby.”  I imagined in my head my children hating St. Patrick’s day for their whole lives because “the leprachauns took away our baby.”  Sick sense of humor.  We cracked up for a good five minutes.

Joking aside, I apologize for the retraction, for getting anyone’s hopes up etc.. etc…

But please know that blue skies are ahead.

photo by La

Muchos besos.

This has two titles: “How many of my siblings actually read my blog” or “#3”

Well, we’re all excitement around here.

But before I tell you the reason, let me ask, don’t you think she’d make a good big sister?

Photo by El Jefe

And we all know that Chunk #1 has been a great big brother.


are you ready for a secret?

Photo by La






Our third installment of Chunk will be arriving sometime in October.  Yea!

If you need proof, see picture below.  If that grosses you out, don’t look. Ah ha ha ha ha ha……