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Love List Lunes #13

Sí, hoy es lunes.

Today, as I drove on the freeway it started to rain on me while the sun was shining.  Not a single cloud was above me, though there were plenty blowing around the valley. “The Devil’s beating his wife.” My mom told me this while I sat on her lap on a trip through Yellowstone and it rained on us as the sun was shining.

So, I said it to my daughter: “Hey [Chunk #2], look, the Devil’s beating his wife.”

“What mommy?  The DEVIL!!??”

Then I wondered where the crap that came from and then why on earth would a parent tell their child such a thing. Oh well.

Anywho, I love, love, love a good rain storm.  I love puddles that reflect the lights of this desert city and clouds that turn the sky purple.

I love it.  Pero, no me gusta el viento. No, ¡no me gusta!

What’s on your love list today?