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photos of the day

When El Jefe and I were first married, we lived in a cozy two bedroom apartment and we loved visitors. We loved them so much we would take their picture with a Polaroid camera and then have them write a message on it to us. I should find those somewhere…

Now, it’s 2010 and Polaroids are a thing of the past. So sad…unless you happen to be my husband.

El Jefe found an old Polaroid camera at Goodwill, Savers or Charleston Outlet (not sure which one but when he finds old cameras it’s usually at one of those thrift stores). I know there is something extremely cool about this Polaroid and that it’s not your typical old Polaroid camera. For one, it is bigger than the ones you are familiar with. For two? I’ll have to ask him when he’s home from work. But it’s special and boy was he excited to find it.

He bought this camera because he knew that his foto friend happened to own some film specifically for this camera. This is a wonder of all wonders because Polaroid no longer makes that film. That’s right, the pictures aren’t just any picture, they are a vintage treasure.

So, one day after church, El Jefe pulled us each outside the Blue Bungalow for a snapshot.

This one is my favorite because he looks like he just got home from “a long day at the office.”

photo by el jefe

photo by el jefe

photo by chunk #1

photo by el jefe