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Archive for May 15, 2010

Photo Archive dive…my own version of other people’s “journal dive”…

If you follow my blog, (so, like, all three of you), you know that I wanted to make a Christmas card last year. I tried. I tried real hard. But alas, either you are thinking, “Hey La, where the heck was my Christmas card? I thought we were friends you big jerk!” or you realized that I did not, in fact, complete my goal. Which one was it, do you think?

I was going through the archives, looking for some new photos to freshen up my walls and I just had to giggle at how this was the ONLY picture that was close to looking good.  They look cute, but don’t be deceived, it was a rough night.

photo by el jefe

But then we took some individual shots that, now that I see with fresh eyeballs, actually looked decent, lovely in fact.

photo by la

photo by el jefe

photo by el jefe

I like the feel of this next image. Just try not to be distracted by the fact that Chunk #2 appears to have had a terrible accident regarding her hands.

photo by el jefe

Perhaps this year you will get a Christmas card. It has nothing to do with you, and everything to do with me.