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Archive for May 24, 2010

Volcanoes, Glossy Magazines, and Dreams

Back in the days of high school and figuring out my destino, I had dreams of becoming a National Geographic Photographer. That, to me, seemed like the perfect job combined with the perfect lifestyle. Think about it, traveling all over the world, capturing incredible images, nothing predictable, always an adventure.

I was a dreamer.

Then one day my mom gave me a National Geographic article that delved into the life of their photographers.  It was inspired by that movie “Bridges Over Madison County.”  It showed that, though traveling the world was an adventure, as well as trying to get the perfect shot (duct taping themselves to poles to get that right shot), the photographers also lead lonely lives.  Many of them were married and divorced many times over.

Obviously I needed to see the real picture, the one hidden behind the amazing shots spread across the glossy pages.  Because I also wanted to be a mother.    Perhaps a modern woman would tell me, oh sure, you could do both.  You can have it all sister!  Do it!  To which I could only say, nah.  So I reevaluated my dreams.  And that’s ok.

But when I see pictures like this…

….I get a tug at the very back corner of my heart. This tug is small. Very slight. And it passes quickly. But just look at those shots! Amazing.  And what did it take to get them.  Seriously, I wonder.

In the mean time, I’m married someone from Madison County (there are even bridges there), I am not lonely nor do I duct taping myself to poles (not yet anyway), and I thoroughly enjoy the adventure of these, er, little tiny volcanoes….heh heh