“Uh-huh, Uh-huh, Yo, Yo…”

no title, just gibberish

I have a lot of catch up going on. Not just on my blog either…….my house, my body, my hair, my calling, (uh, not necessarily in that order but it certainly does say something about me, don’t it?)

El Jefe’s birthday was Monday….which was also the start of school.  His birthday also kicks off what I lovingly call Birthday Month (or Cake Month, mmmmmm cake).  We also just celebrated our anniversary (uhhhh, ya, if you’re wondering, that was in JUNE)  and we had another fun filled adventure to Idaho.  So I have a lot to report here.

But not today.

Last night I read to Chunk #1.  He’s been reading the first Harry Potter book (a moment I’ve been excited for since he started to read “cat” and “ball”).  He made a tent in his room, brought in a lamp, and we curled up together to find out the next exciting news in the world of Hogwarts.  It was a great moment.  I love reading to my kids.

Our latest favorite author (besides J.K. Rowlng) is Mo Willems.  Check out the Pig and Elephant books, there are a bunch of them.  They are soooooooo cute.

Catch ya later!


2 responses

  1. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm . . . cake! My favorite part of birthdays! :o)

    September 3, 2010 at 9:43 pm

  2. Mo Willems is a champ, isn’t he? I think he’s my soul mate in another life time (but don’t tell Mr. Wellborn that!). 🙂

    And catching up? that’s exactly what I’m doing here in blog land tonight…catching up and sliding further behind in every other aspect of my life. But then, that’s life, right?

    PS; SEe you this Thurs night for writing crit group, yesssss? 🙂

    September 7, 2010 at 9:40 pm

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