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A rant about how I got cold last night and now it won’t let me go.

Today was a Cream of Wheat morning. With milk. And strawberries.

Compared to other cities, towns, homes, whatever, I shouldn’t complain about the weather this time of year…….but then I do anyway.  The chill creeps in at night and sticks with me most of the morning. I try to push it off with things like steamy cooked cereals,  hot showers and stripy knee-high socks that leave indents in my skin by the end of the day.

In terms of Blue Bungalow life, this is the time of year where our power bill drops down to a decent charge but then our gas bill begins its climb up.

In terms of Motherhood, this is the time of year where I want to keep my children home, wrapped up in blankets and read books together, or just break out the Christmas movies.

There is something deceptive about the seasons in the desert.  The leaves finally start to change about now.  I’ve been waiting for it to happen for a month now.  I do that every year.  I hold my arms out, ready to hug Autumn and then the weather goes from blazing hot to………perfect.  75 degree weather and and finally think “I love it here”.  My mind temporarily forgets the traditional idea of Autumn for a while.  But, then, I’m caught off guard.  The cold finally hits.  And though this metaphoric assault is so much softer here than in most parts of the country, it still gets to me.  I’ve been tricked, pulled into dream land with this easy weather and then it gets taken away.  Like that.

I resent this teasing season.

And so do my toes.

Now that I’ve been a big baby, tell me:

What did you have breakfast?


How is your day going?


Are you as cold as I feel right now?


Photos by El Jefe

El Jefe took some pictures of my sister’s family over the weekend (actually a lot happened this weekend but I’m too lazy to write about it so I figure I’d show some pictures so that I could feel like I’m actually contributing to this here blog….but I digress)

There were a lot of nice ones, but here are just a few of my favorites:

Photo by El Jefe

Photo by El Jefe


Photo by El Jefe


Photo by El Jefe

Those last two make me want to go run in the sunshine.

Have a Happy Wednesday.


love list lunes #22

Chunk #2 woke up with a yucky cough and a slight fever. I woke up feeling a little snotty (not to be confused with the snooty kind of snotty….then again, there are those days, too).

Although I could and should get a lot done, sometimes it’s nice to just chill with my Chunks….. even if it means enduring Dora the Explorer (which is why I’m on the computer right now). I’m too lazy to actually go and get the camera so this picture will give you a sense of our day together.

Sometimes I just love a lazy day.

What’s on your love list today?

Love List #21

This picture makes me giggle because Chunk #1 reminds me of my brothers when I was little – Sunday, after church, chill-axing with the comics.  Note the shoes off, the unbuttoned shirt, even the way he’s lying down.  I just can’t decide which of my five brothers he looks like the most here.

What’s on your love list today?

A letter to October

The big pumpkin is October, the little pumpkin is me, La.

Dear October,

You started out pretty good, awesome in fact.  We had a visit from The Todd, we finally had our windows trimmed/framed (however you say it), and it even rained more than once.  But then you got really mean.  In fact, I will now refer to you as the “Month of Repairs.”  I can understand one car needing some fixing, but both?  You took our budget, punched it right in the gut and left it gasping for air. You’re such a jerk.  And then the lap top almost died.  Thank goodness for Apple Care.  Seriously.  You tried really hard on that one but my  hubby’s foresight outsmarted you.  Take that!  Other things happened that I’ve already complained about in the cyber void so I won’t go there.  But then, for whatever twisted reason, you ended as great as you started.  Incredible, in fact.  We went to one of my favorite places on earth for beach camping, we were surrounded by people we love, and of course we celebrated Halloween.

So, dearest October, why so fickle?  Why you gotta be like that?  You chewed me up and spit me out like I needed some sort of challenge. Was that it?  You were trying to make me stronger? Nobody asked you to do that.  So, I bid you a fond farewell.  Thanks for the memories.  I will now turn to November for a bit of regrouping.  OK, November?(hint, hint)


And now, dear readers, tell me, how was your October?

***Pumpkin image from “Extreme Pumpkins” by Tom Nardone