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January Slide Show #20

photo by el jefe (August 2008)

I was supposed to post this yesterday, no? But my wordpress account was acting weird and, frankly, I had zero patience. So, I’m just doing it today.

There is nothing quite like the sight of ratty yellow hair, pj’s, and bear naaacked toes in the morning (please excuse the misspelling, I don’t like those with other intentions searching my blog). In the past, Chunk #2 has been notorious for the daily morning “rat’s nest”. She’s a ferocious sleeper.

I cannot fully describe this girl in words, but I’ll try. She’s witty and tenderhearted. She gets jokes better than you’d expect and she can tell some pretty good ones as well.  She cries more than most at sad movies and LOVES babies. She also likes to tell me that she should be a Queen so she can get what she wants (and not have to deal with her intervening mother!). She is determined and stubborn….which I don’t think is so bad if we can just harness her powers for good rather than evil. When she grows up she wants to be a Mommy and an Art Teacher. You just can’t tell by looking at that tiny body, the personality that dwells in it and rarely do people get to see her true self.  She saves it for her brother and her parents.  It’s as crazy as her hair and as sweet as those tiny toes.

January Slide Show is a wrap! Goodbye Kodachrome, you’ll be missed. Click here for more info.