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I saw…

When my husband saw the title of this post he said: “‘Your mom.’ Put that and then, ‘The End,’ that’s it.” In this house, “your mom” jokes never get old.


I’m still on my Free-write February kick and I have come across a lovely little blog.  Similar to The Magpie Tales, it’s a blog that inspires writing.  More importantly, for me, it encourages you to do what you want: photography, lists, or in my case, some kind of product from my free-writing.

It’s called I Saw Sunday:

Here’s what I saw:

There have been blackbirds roving our neighborhood like little storm clouds. Every now and then they rest on my tree, about a dozen at a time, like a Halloween silhouette, static and eerie. I expect to hear a “Nevermore!” squawked down at me in between their silent glare.

This week one has taken a liking to our Mulberry Tree and seems to be building a home. Google tells me it’s either a Grackle or a Brewer’s Blackbird. I will only be able to tell if I get to see if it has yellow eyes (shiver). I can’t spot its nest from my vantage, but in the Y shape of our high branches, this bird spends a lot of time. On Thursday the weather was starting to warm again. I pulled into the driveway from Kindergarten pick-up, and Chunk #2 said “Look at that bird!” I can’t tell if that bird is a he or a she, but he/she looks at me like he/she wants to peck my eyes out. We got out of the car and watched him/her fly to the precious spot in the Mulberry. As we drew closer it jumped higher in the branches and continued its imperious stare at us. In its beak was a disc, the size of a Ritz cracker. But I don’t know if it was actually a a cracker. I think it was a watch. I now imagine it a magpie, stealing from us, regarding us with the distaste that only an evil looking bird with a name like Grackle can do.

I love nature.  I love nature right outside my window.   But I don’t like the idea of baby birds being so close to my Blue Bungalow. Because you know what that means? If we get too close, we will be attacked but these scary, nurturing, parental birds and I’ve had enough experience with that.


What did you see this week?  Share it with me or share it on http://isawsunday.blogspot.com