“Uh-huh, Uh-huh, Yo, Yo…”



If there is one thing I learned from the movie Labyrinth, it is you never, ever say “It’s a piece a cake!”

Words of wisdom, my friends. Words of wisdom.  What do David Bowie movies have to do with this post?  Nothing.  Absolutely nothing.

All right, that being said, it’s time to catch up on some family events that should have been posted when they happened last year. The theme here: Cake. Birthday, to be exact.

Chunk #1 asked for a Lego Cake. That blue one is a single stud Lego. His idea and I loved it.  (No, I don’t do fondant) (Yes, I probably should in order to make the cake look better) (No, it probably won’t ever happen because nothing beats homemade frosting.)  (Yes, that’s what I said, Nothing).

Chunk #2 asked for a penguin cake. I’d like to point out the nest of chocolate rocks in preparation for this penguin’s babies. The Chunks’ idea. So funny.

El Jefe was down with me making him a Tres Leches cake. It was an experiment and it was bombdiggity. I should share the recipe. It’s here somewhere……..

While I look for it, here’s a better view:

This was probably the best cake I’ve ever made in my life. In my life.  In. My. Life.

And let’s not forget the birthday boys and girl posing with the birthday cakes:

Chunk #1 trying to control his enthusiasm.

Chunk #2 loves her little friend (please note the added marshmallow/”egg”).

And “Sloth love [this] Chunk” 🙂

Good times…Here’s to a new year of actually posting these things when they happen….. XOXO …..



So, I haven’t given any indication on the blog about the latest schooling decisions, but we had some major changes. In August of last year I decided to homeschool the Chunks. Reasons: a) I’ve always wanted to and b) I felt good about the timing. Really. The timing felt good. This detail is very important in the history of my little family because well, so many things happened after that.

More on that later. I just want to focus on this girl:

So, we homeschooled from August to December. After Christmas, I decided it would be good for us if the kids went back to public school, at least for the rest of this year.  The morning of the first day, this girl was up and at ’em, a clear indication that she was excited.  I was glad because I mostly worried about the transition for her more than Chunk #1.  She had only attended public school for kindergarten and never had a six-hour day.  But her enthusiasm made me think she would be ok.

She was ok.  Except for one little detail.  You see, about a year ago Chunk #2 had a habit of sucking her lips so hard that the skin around them would turn red.  She looked like she had lipstick on or a really strange rash.  The habit stopped and I hadn’t thought about it again…..until she got home from school on January 3rd.  It was back,  along with a very clear light bulb.  Ah, it’s a nervous habit!  No doy!

So we talked.  We talked about feeling safe, about being loved by mommy, about having her friends back (she was soooooo glad to see her old friend, let’s call her Guadalupe).  I also made a joke – I said: “When you get nervous and start sucking your lip, think of Animal in the Muppet Movie.  Just say ‘under control’ just like Animal.”  This made her laugh (just go see the Muppet Movie for your reference).

The next day I picked her up and she updated me on her lip-sucking progress.  “Mom, when I went to suck my lips I did what you said.  I said ‘under control’ and I didn’t suck my lips.”

“Did you actually say ‘under control’ or think it?”

“I whispered it to myself” (lots of giggling).

“Did anybody hear you?” This was a casual question, really.

“No, I don’t think so,” still giggling.

This made me laugh.  In my exaggerated motherly concern I imagined “the new homeschooled girl” off in a corner of the classroom whispering to herself “under control” in the voice of the most incomprehensible muppet.  It was a great image. All she needed was a mouthful of paste.  Aaaah the things I think about when it comes to my kids.

Oh well, she is like a Muppet.  In any case, she seems to be transitioning well.   She is still a little shy but has made more friends and enjoys all the perks of being a first grader (you know, P.E, Art, etc…..). 

FYI, if you were wondering when the early morning enthusiasm would end, it only took about a week.

Baby on my back

One of the greatest feelings in this world is holding a baby. Whether in my sling, or strapped on my back, or sitting on my hip….I loves me a baby. This is my nephew. He used to like me more than he does now. But that’s ok, people change and he’ll change back. In this picture he liked me. I had him in a backpack while my sister went down one of those big slides you see at a state fair (though we weren’t at a state fair). I like his face as he seriously wonders about his Aunt La who is telling him stories while we wait for his mama.

Photo taken by La

January Slide Show #7 (1-11-11!!!!!!!)

Photo by La (4/19/09)

I adore this picture of my family. This was almost two years ago at the wedding of my niece, “Chuck”.  As we stood around waiting for the big family picture, I yelled for a look in my direction for just one shot.  I’m pleased with the outcome.   It looks like all of our other gatherings: unorganized happiness.  Look at all those amiable faces.  Have you ever seen a friendlier bunch of people?

I like weddings.  Whether I am close to the person or not, I can generally be moved to tears.  I cheer for them deep inside and then, well,  I just get on with my life.  But for some reason, Chuck’s wedding was different.  I don’t know if it was the stage of life I was in, or if it’s that Chuck and her hubby are extra special people (cause they are), but it seems like after their wedding, I was pondering marriage for weeks after wards.  My thoughts could easily be a few blog posts. I’ll spare you (for now), but my realization was that I needed to do better and be better, that my marriage is my most important work on this earth.  It is my Great American Novel, my Masterpiece, my Piéce de résistance.  Yeah, when I put it that way, I have some work to do.

Happy 1-11-11!


Why the slide show?  Click here.

Photos by El Jefe

El Jefe took some pictures of my sister’s family over the weekend (actually a lot happened this weekend but I’m too lazy to write about it so I figure I’d show some pictures so that I could feel like I’m actually contributing to this here blog….but I digress)

There were a lot of nice ones, but here are just a few of my favorites:

Photo by El Jefe

Photo by El Jefe


Photo by El Jefe


Photo by El Jefe

Those last two make me want to go run in the sunshine.

Have a Happy Wednesday.


no title, just gibberish

I have a lot of catch up going on. Not just on my blog either…….my house, my body, my hair, my calling, (uh, not necessarily in that order but it certainly does say something about me, don’t it?)

El Jefe’s birthday was Monday….which was also the start of school.  His birthday also kicks off what I lovingly call Birthday Month (or Cake Month, mmmmmm cake).  We also just celebrated our anniversary (uhhhh, ya, if you’re wondering, that was in JUNE)  and we had another fun filled adventure to Idaho.  So I have a lot to report here.

But not today.

Last night I read to Chunk #1.  He’s been reading the first Harry Potter book (a moment I’ve been excited for since he started to read “cat” and “ball”).  He made a tent in his room, brought in a lamp, and we curled up together to find out the next exciting news in the world of Hogwarts.  It was a great moment.  I love reading to my kids.

Our latest favorite author (besides J.K. Rowlng) is Mo Willems.  Check out the Pig and Elephant books, there are a bunch of them.  They are soooooooo cute.

Catch ya later!

Summer classic…

Is there anything better than this?

(perhaps but just soak this in for a second)

photo by el jefe

A whole lot of sun, gallons of freezing cold water, a long sheet of visqueen plastic, and a grassy hill is the perfect combo for wrapping up the summer.

photo by la


photo by el jefe

It was a bit cold….

photo by el jefe

but totally worth it…

photo by el jefe

Grass stains and all, baby!

photo by la

How is your summer wrapping up?

photo by el jefe