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Just write something…

Today I decided I need to start writing on my blog again. I just couldn’t decide what to write.  So I’ll do some eeny-meeny-miney-moe and get back at ya.


11/11/11 at 11:11 am

Dear Chunks,

         One day when you look back on your life, I want you to know that on the 11th day of the 11th month in the 11th year of this century, you were at a Veteran’s Day Parade. We went and got doughnuts at the shop down the street called Real Doughnuts. You two brought your scooters. We parked at LVA, walked/scooted up 6th street so I could say my usual “See that parking lot right there, the one with the half naked statue of ‘Justice’? That’s where your grandpa used to live.” Then we headed to the 5th street school and I said my usual, “This is where your grandpa went to school” ( One day you’ll start saying “We know, Mom!” Until then, I will just keep saying it). We watched the parade and I got weepy at the Pearl Harbor survivors. I also got teary-eyed when the bag-pipes played and when the mothers of fallen vets marched or rode by with life size pictures of their sons and daughters. At 11:11 am, Veterans were handing you your own American Flags to wave during the parade. I also want you to know that it was the last time we would see Pearl Harbor survivors in this parade since there are only a handful left in our town and the youngest is 89 years old. You were there. That may be your only connection to that time. When we got home, you pulled out your Pearl Harbor story we got at the library and read it. It was a good, simple day. Life is full of these, I hope you remember it.
Love you,

Photos from last year’s parade because Dad brought his film camera to this year’s parade (Who DOES that right?  Your Dad.)

photo by El Jefe with his medium format film camera


photo by El Jefe with I don't know which of his many cameras


photo by El Jefe


This is from last year but we saw the same guy in the car this year as well


I think this man was in the parade this year as well. Glad to see he's still truckin' along


Every parade should have a band of Bagpipes. That, and Shriner's Cars, which, regretfully, were not in this parade.

Looking back

It’s getting towards the end of the year and I can’t help but evaluate 2011; I have many regrets. The most offensive (as far as my purchasing choices) is probably not buying these boots. 

How could I resist these babies?

Seriously. They were straight out of 1986.  They were in excellent condition.  The were Esprit for crying out loud!  AND, they were super comfy. 

Why do I let my practical side take over?
“Oh, I live in Vegas, I’d hardly wear them”
or “Oh, they’re $15.00. That’s just a little pricey for a thrift store”
or “Be frugal, be practical, blah blah blah”.  

I came across this picture and thought, “I would totally be wearing those RIGHT NOW!”  What was I thinking?  Whoever owns these now, better appreciate.


“Mommy, whenever you yell I feel like all the flowers in the whole wide world have all died.”

~ Chunk #2, sometime in September 2011

I just got a comment from my SIL hinting that I needed to update my blog.    Thanks “Wanda,” I feel loved. 

Hopefully this quote will tide you over until I can get my act together.  Although, now that I’ve posted it, I feel a little vulnerable.  Ummmm, let me explain.   I’m not THAT much of an Old Yeller to my kids, however this particular morning I do recall the volume of my vocal chords slowly going up until, finally, the three of us sat down at the kitchen table, a little bit miserable, and had a talk.  We also decided to start the day over.  Chunk #2’s quote was the perfect segue to a lighter mood (although she was quite serious when she said it).

Sooooooooooo, anyone kill any flowers, fairies, rainbows or unicorns lately?  Or is it just this crazy mama?

****Photo credit: Robbie Becklund photography @ robbiebecklund.com

Happy Birfday

See that guy in the blue shirt standing next to me?  I love him.  It’s his birfday today.

Happy Birthday, Boy Sweetie.

Humor, and passing it on to my children.

We’ve been watching DVDs of The Muppet Show with our children.

Man, that show was funny.


*photo courtesy of Minkoff on flickr.com

January Slide Show #4

Photo by El Jefe (7-24-10)

Are there even words for the awesomeness of this picture?
This daily slide show is in honor of Kodachrome’s 75 years on this earth.