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A real one.

January Slide Show #18

Photo taken, developed, and printed by El Jefe (March 2010)

The second El Jefe showed me this work of art he made, I immediately wanted to write something for my Chunk #2. A picture really does say a thousand words.  I think poetry can do the same.  The challenge is writing a piece that says a thousand words, without actually writing one thousand words, right?  I haven’t been brave enough to share some of my work on this here blog. So, I’m going to break those shackles of self-doubt and just share already. I think, of those proverbial one thousand words, dare I say I might have caught two hundred and fifty of them in my poem?  In any case…….love this girl!


Look up.
Breathe your soul into those heavenly torches,
for they blink and wink at you.

Only you.

The Fairy,
The Queen,
The Sparkly Butterfly,
The center of their shimmering swarm.

You giggle a waltz in
a-rhythmic turns and steps.

Gild your days,
with ornate crowns and
Satiny play dresses too big ’round the shoulders.

Adjusting your sleeve,
jeans peering out the bottom,
you call to me
with the cadence of a twinkle.

~Laura Archibald
Summer 2010
This slide show is in honor of Kodachrome’s 75 years on this earth. Click here.

Ahem, if you have some serious feedback on my writing, please feel free to share. I can take it. I can.

Photos by El Jefe

El Jefe took some pictures of my sister’s family over the weekend (actually a lot happened this weekend but I’m too lazy to write about it so I figure I’d show some pictures so that I could feel like I’m actually contributing to this here blog….but I digress)

There were a lot of nice ones, but here are just a few of my favorites:

Photo by El Jefe

Photo by El Jefe


Photo by El Jefe


Photo by El Jefe

Those last two make me want to go run in the sunshine.

Have a Happy Wednesday.


Summer classic…

Is there anything better than this?

(perhaps but just soak this in for a second)

photo by el jefe

A whole lot of sun, gallons of freezing cold water, a long sheet of visqueen plastic, and a grassy hill is the perfect combo for wrapping up the summer.

photo by la


photo by el jefe

It was a bit cold….

photo by el jefe

but totally worth it…

photo by el jefe

Grass stains and all, baby!

photo by la

How is your summer wrapping up?

photo by el jefe

I like this poem, lots: #3


I made my lips grow
close and round,
and blew
into a plastic wand.
Then I saw it, clear and thin –
my breath
wrapped in a
quivering skin
of soap that held
the blue of sky,
the sudden flash
of fireflies.
It made a trembling
shadow there,
slid whispering
through empty air,
to dip and soar
while full of glow,
I was surprised,
I didn’t know
my own breath
could be a thing
so marble-round,
and glistening.
~Deborah Chandra

This thing called dinner time

This is what dinner time usually looks like:

photo by La

photo by La

photo by La

photo by La

photo by La

Tonight it didn’t. Tonight looked nothing like this. Too bad I don’t have a picture of it.

Photo Archive dive…my own version of other people’s “journal dive”…

If you follow my blog, (so, like, all three of you), you know that I wanted to make a Christmas card last year. I tried. I tried real hard. But alas, either you are thinking, “Hey La, where the heck was my Christmas card? I thought we were friends you big jerk!” or you realized that I did not, in fact, complete my goal. Which one was it, do you think?

I was going through the archives, looking for some new photos to freshen up my walls and I just had to giggle at how this was the ONLY picture that was close to looking good.  They look cute, but don’t be deceived, it was a rough night.

photo by el jefe

But then we took some individual shots that, now that I see with fresh eyeballs, actually looked decent, lovely in fact.

photo by la

photo by el jefe

photo by el jefe

I like the feel of this next image. Just try not to be distracted by the fact that Chunk #2 appears to have had a terrible accident regarding her hands.

photo by el jefe

Perhaps this year you will get a Christmas card. It has nothing to do with you, and everything to do with me.

photo of the day

photo by la

photo of the day

photo by la

photos of the day

When El Jefe and I were first married, we lived in a cozy two bedroom apartment and we loved visitors. We loved them so much we would take their picture with a Polaroid camera and then have them write a message on it to us. I should find those somewhere…

Now, it’s 2010 and Polaroids are a thing of the past. So sad…unless you happen to be my husband.

El Jefe found an old Polaroid camera at Goodwill, Savers or Charleston Outlet (not sure which one but when he finds old cameras it’s usually at one of those thrift stores). I know there is something extremely cool about this Polaroid and that it’s not your typical old Polaroid camera. For one, it is bigger than the ones you are familiar with. For two? I’ll have to ask him when he’s home from work. But it’s special and boy was he excited to find it.

He bought this camera because he knew that his foto friend happened to own some film specifically for this camera. This is a wonder of all wonders because Polaroid no longer makes that film. That’s right, the pictures aren’t just any picture, they are a vintage treasure.

So, one day after church, El Jefe pulled us each outside the Blue Bungalow for a snapshot.

This one is my favorite because he looks like he just got home from “a long day at the office.”

photo by el jefe

photo by el jefe

photo by chunk #1

photo by el jefe

Photo of the day

photo by El Jefe

I remember this day in Bear Lake clearly. It was literally the calm before the storm.  My family had a “fireside” until the drops of rain finally drove us indoors.  The lighting here was perfect.  El Jefe took quite a few gems as the sun set behind the storm clouds.  Later that night, he captured some really great lightning images.

I share this picture because remembering this day soothes my soul.  There are those days where the memory of them just calms you. Plus, I love this kid.

Looking for a fun Valentine’s date?

Last weekend my hubby took me to one of the coolest places in town: The Pinball Hall of Fame.

It was so fun.  Growing up, we had a pinball machine and I’m happy that my skillz were still somewhat in check.

Wanna see pictures?  Click the link to my hubby’s blog.

Somewhere over there —————————————————————————————————->

Wait, go down.



Under “My Boy Sweetie”

Look at all his fabulous pictures.  He’s an excellent photographer.  He could take your picture, too. And your family’s.  Yes he’s great.

See the link?

El Jefe’s Bloggo

Over there———————————————————————>

Now click it.

Feeling good.

“We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.” ~Thornton Wilder

Photo by La

Photo by La

Love List Lunes (loo-nes) #4

Si, hoy es lunes.

As I sit in my family room, decompressing from all my “day of rest” activities, I am wondering, “Why the heck am I shivering?”  The Chunks are running around the house in shorts and t-shirts and I am in long sleeves, jeans, knee-high socks, and am wrapped in a fleece blanket.  I started exploring through some photos and came across our summer shots.  I think I could use a little sunshine right now.  Each day, it is getting darker sooner, and, though I love cozying up on cold winter nights, tonight I find myself missing the sun.

Photo by El Jefe

Today’s love list item is Sunlight. Sunlight does so much for me.  It makes it so that I can walk around barefoot most of the year.  It makes the hair of Chunk #2 and her cousin Tori look cool in the above picture. It cheers me up in the mornings. It peeks into our windows and makes the rooms glow.  It gives me tan lines.   It makes me love water.  It dries my clothes whenever my dryer breaks. It gives me Vitamin D.  It would warm me up right now and stop my shivering (and just thinking about it kinda works).

What’s on your Love List today?

A change of attitude.

Yes, I’ve had a change of attitude.

For the past year or so there is one thing I don’t like to write about on this here blog, and it is the one thing that takes up my time, my energy, my heart, my soul. I have privately accused it of sucking my will to live. I have openly blamed it on my grumpiness. I have let it take away the best of me, ruin my day, week, month, and I have let it make me feel out of control. I didn’t realize my innate desire to feel in control….not that I’m a control freak…I don’ t think I am anyway.

What is this nemesis of which I speak? Home Renovation. Yes, dear friends, home renovation. I have mentioned before having romantic ideas of changing a home and making it my own.   The romance is over.  (And let’s be real here people, if I could really, and I mean really, change a home into what I want, then there would ultimately be a slide running from my attic, that would also be a playroom, right into my backyard pool)  Ok, so, this is my publicized note to self:notetoself

So, my first step in changing my attitude is to share more pieces of this journey. I loved this house at first, but now, years later I suppose I don’t like to share it because I just want to show the finished product.

Here’s a piece of our journey and this is where my bad attitude really began:

Approximately one year ago, El Jefe and I awoke to the sound of our doorbell. It was 6:00 am on a Sunday.  It was also the day of Stake Conference….you know, a day to sleep in just a little.  Anywhoo, at our door stood our neighbor, good ol’ LeVern, informing us that another neighbor had run into our front wall. I’m sorry, What? I imagined he was talking about our brand new wall but wasn’t awake enough to fully comprehend, or react. So, I followed the fellow out to our front yard where I found this:


Oh dear.  Speechless, was I.  That, and in such unbelief I recall laughing.  But if you know me, that probably doesn’t surprise you.  The driver had crashed into the wall and his front wheels were even up on the property.  You can see the tire tracks in the dirt here:
LeVern then said the guilty party had backed out, and parked in his own driveway.  Right across the street. By the time we came out we saw him standing there, inspecting his car.  Then we watched him pull out and just drive down the street….on two flat tires.  I’m preeeeeeetty sure he was drunk.

So, drunk boy is driving away from us and we know the license plate, the color of his car, and the make and model.  Oh, and he left a souvenir:

N10_6930One might say he wasn’t on top of his game.  I felt for him, I really did.

My feelings for him didn’t go too far.  I was incredibly annoyed because it was bad enough that our house looked unfinished but then we had this wreckage to add to it.  Here is what our poor neighbors had to look at (this is what embarrasses me):


I’m so glad it doesn’t look like this anymore….so glad.

Here are some other photographic highlights:



We like LeVern.  He has passed on quite a few outdoor toys for our kids.  Unfortunately The Chunks think he’s a little bit like Santa Claus and are of the opinion that we should just waltz on over anytime and make requests. “Hey mom, let’s go over there and get a new toy!”  Right.


Diet Rite, neat-o.  I think we found a couple of old bottles in our other wall….the one we took down…on purpose.


Aaah the beautiful sunrise….


Hanging brick.

With every trial one must find the blessing.  After a long and arduous ordeal with the insurance company (I still have some pent up anger with that, BUH!) we were able to rebuild the wall, get a new fence, and even had stairs put in.  Stairs!  When we first moved in, I wanted some there but it was the last thing on the list.  I think this was the only way we would actually put some in.

So today, as I went to stake conference, I was grateful that our house has made so much progress.  I  was grateful that nobody ran into our property.  I was grateful that we got to sleep in a little.

I’ve even named our house.  She is now called the Blue Bungalow.

Oh, and before I go.  As part of my attitude adjustment I have added a blog button. It says “My Home is Hip.”  This will be my new mantra.  This button will also take you to a lovely blog where women show their own home renovations and projects.  I am not alone in this universe. Now sing: “I’m noooooooot alone.  Say it one one more time I’m not alone.”


Summer….still in review…

For about 7 years now my husband’s family has had a family photo contest. I’ve never come out the overall winner, though I have won some categories.  I just enjoy it.  We had a contest at the reunion and these were my entries:

Category - Self Portrait

Category - Self Portrait

Category - Cabin

Category - Cabin

Category - Summer

Category - Summer

Category - family

Category - family

Category - Water

Category - Water

Category - Today

Category - Today

Yes, another recap of our Summer Adventure 2009: Island Park.

There is nothing like homemade bubbles. So fun.


Luly especially liked them.




Bill Nye the Science Guy (ok, it was my nephew) gave us a a demonstration in bubble science.


That’s right, his hand is inside the bubble. Everybody oooooh, and everybody aaaaaaaah, cuz that’s just cool.

Family photos

El Jefe posted our family photos on his website.  I could post them here but I’m in the kitchen finishing up dinner with the chunks.  Am I lazy or practical?  Yes.

My friend took those shots before Christmas.  Then her computer and camera were stolen!  Can you believe it?  All her shots were gone.  And I’m not just talking about her photo shoot with us.  I’m talking about her family shots.  Baby pictures, birthdays, special events, GONE!  Luckily the thief sold it to a Pawn Shop.  It was on alert to the police and they got their computer back!  I love that story.  Funny thing, the thief actually took a picture of himself on the computer… and he left it there.  What a dork.

Anyway, speaking of dorks, go check out our pictures.  My favorite is the second one because Chunk #2 looks like she’s trying to figure out her “Spiderman fingers”.  You’ll see why when you see the pictures.

Have a happy Wednesday.

“He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother”

I took these pictures while at a family reunion in Lake Tahoe last summer. We hiked down Emerald Bay and hung around “Vikingshom”. It was a hot day. The water of Lake Tahoe was frigid beyond all get out. The nieces and nephews had a great time on the beach while us old folks relaxed on picnic benches in the shade of the trees. I don’t know how my family feels about me when I get up all in their grill with the camera, but I l just love our moments together. These are my oldest brothers. Don’t each of them have such a friendly face?



Same shots, different development ( I couldn’t decide which was best):



Since I brought up Vikingshom, here are some shots.

Can you imagine living here?


And then having this in your front yard?


Except, when the rich heiress who built the house lived here, she didn’t have to look at the orange and white floaties.  Just sayin’.

My husband, the wedding photographer.

El Jefe is an incredibly talented photographer. Have a look here, if you like. We took pictures of a wedding of some friends of ours last December. It was an honor to be able to share that day with them and the rest of their family. It was a lot of fun, too.

Here are a couple of my personal favorites:

This blog thing is my new nag…

Well, it’s not that it nags me, it’s just one more thing I have added on my list of things to do. So, when I neglect it for awhile, like I have, there is this thought creeping into my head, like a bit of a nag, whispering in a sing-song voice, “you need to update your blog.” Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy it, I just am not technologically adept enough to quickly just load up a picture and throw out some witty narrative. Witty narrative I can handle (not really, you say, but let me dream), but loading up pictures, and sorting them, and enhancing them, or figuring out how my Honey decided to sort them, I just don’t keep it all straight.

El Jefe just read this over my shoulder and pointed out that it’s not “loading up” pictures its “uploading”. Whateverrrrrrr.

We did a lot of traveling this summer. We had great times and lots and lots of photos. I want to show some of them, so I’ll try to do that within the next couple of weeks, before it evaporates from my brain and I can’t remember it all.

Here is a photo that represents our summer:

Our “Party Time” Cruiser was sporting the ever fashionable helmet head. I love the helmet head. It carried so much stuff for us. The only thing missing in this shot is a couple of bikes hanging off the back. We were one of those people driving down the highway where, when you see them, you wonder, “Where are you going and why on earth do you need all that stuff?” Well, the answers are, “The entire Northwest, baby!” and “Because it’s fun!”

Stay tuned for more wacky misadventures…

For SusyQ and Hank

I love this photo. I love that this little guy gets to stay with you longer and, hopefully, forever.


Ok, so my “Bounce U” entry sparked something in a couple of people.  “Wanda” is right eye dominant.  My friend “Van” called me up and left me a message to let me know she is left eye dominant.  I feel we need to take a survey.  Which is your dominant eye?  And if you don’t know, just think of when you take a picture, which eye do you naturally use to look through the view finder?  Now, if you are right handed, supposedly you should be right eyed.  So how many of you cross-over?  While we’re at it, which is your dominant leg?  To test this, which leg do you kick your husband with? (My husband tells me that my mother-in-law is right leg dominant)  If you are a man, I cannot condone you kicking your wife so you’ll have to use another kind of litmus test (like kicking puppies, for instance — that’s El Jefe’s suggestion).

I feel this very important.