“Uh-huh, Uh-huh, Yo, Yo…”

The Love List

Why am I doing this?  Click here.

From La:
1. El Jefe
2. Chunk #1
3. Chunk #2
4. The Gospel
5. October in Las Vegas
6. Summers in Idaho
7. Dancing with my Chunks
8. Holding newborn babies
9. My pillow
10. Lavender Oil
11. The Sunrise
12. The way Chunk #1 pats me when he hugs me
13. The way Chunk #2 breathes when she snuggles with me
14. “El Jefe Hugs”
15. Desert rain
From HBA:
16. Warm Water
17. Bedtime
18. Toddler laughs
From Ginger (who keeps her own list so I’ll throw on a few of my favorites. Thanks Ginger!):
19. A beautiful sunset
20. A clean house
21. A hug
22. Accomplishing a goal
23. Cheering someone up
24. Christmas time
25. Berries
26. Discovering something new in the scriptures
27. Family prayer
28. Fish tacos
29. Frozen bananas
30. Going out to eat
31. Hair coloring
32. Kind people
33. Laughter
34. Little House on the Prairie
35. Mountains
From Lisa:
36. Swimming in tropical waters
37. Reading a book on a beach
38. Shawshank Redemption (edited, OF COURSE)
39. Greek Food
40. Clean bathrooms
41. Priest Lake, Idaho
42. Weed-free flower beds
43. Homemade strawberry jam
44. The Harry Potter series
45. Moorea
46. Giggling with girlfriends
47. Watching the Olympics
48. Waterskiing at 7 am on glassy, smooth water
49. The sound of my husband and daughter laughing
50. Sleeping
51. Getting a new stamp in my passport
52. Not working full-time anymore
53. Happy memories
54. Gerber daisies
55. Checking something off the to-do list
56. My mother
From Wendy:
57. The Gospel
58. Family
59. Friends
60. Good Health
61. Words
62. Bassoons
From Katie
63. I love when I get spurts of clarity, when everything is simple and I can see the grand scheme. I love those moments I feel so humbled and silly by the “important” things on my “to do” list or my “to buy” list.

(Please, bond with me.  Click on “Comment” and add to my list.  Thank you.)


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